Not a US Citizen, not a problem for Social Security Benefits … (Audio)

In our continued series on Social Security Benefits from our Private Client Roundtable earlier this year, we dig deeper into Social Security benefits provided to Non-US Citizens.  There are a few small hurdles, but all easy.

Non-US Citizen Social Security  Benefits

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Here are the keys to a Non-US citizenship benefits for Social Security:Foreign

  • Must be here legally as a permanent resident (of course, but this is a mandate and was mentioned at the event)
  • Qualifications based on earnings contributions just as a regular citizen would
  • Same spousal benefits apply for Non-US citizens if they were not an income earner here (Very cool benefit .. thank you USA)
  • Non Citizen and live outside of the USA, MAY not be eligible for benefit

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  1. Bruce … Us too here… They will only be gloomy until they see their friends tomorrow ! Then Mom and Dad who ? haha

  2. Bruce Stewart

    My grand kids are reluctantly getting ready to go back to school also. If they only knew that these are probably the best and most carefree years of their lives.

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