Stumbling and Bumbling into the end of the month and quarter

After almost five years of unabated levitation in capital markets, a few chinks are starting to show in the capital market armor.

Why the Weakness ?

Under the belly it has been much weaker, this recent Bloomberg article stated almost 50% of stocks on the NASDAQ are already in a correction. Note in the following chart how small stocks are not following their big capitalization brother to new highs.

Russell 2000 (Small Stock Index) V S&P 500

R2k V SP 500 9-26-14

Does this mean the correction we have long been waiting for is here ?

Maybe, but as we mentioned in this middle of the month post, the coming quarter is seasonally the best.

Irony would be after five years of near unstoppable gains the correction finally begins in historic “Best” time of the year!

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