IMF tells USA to hold off on raising rates …. Friday … Travels … Break In: Rates Rise

Christine Lagarde, managing director of the IMF (International Monetary Fund) urged the USA NOT to raise rates until early 2016.Yellen Laguarde

Hate to be Janet Yellen, chair of the FOMC (Federal Open Market Committee):

  • Not the USA mandates
  • Want to be nice, but come on
  • Are my neighbors really telling me when to mow my yard?
  • Every move or lack of move now will be scrutinized as a response to the IMF request (yuck…it’s hard enough to make the move as it is now)

Just to name a few issues brought up by this request.

The next two weeks are full of travel. Some business and some pleasure. Later in the week, I will be out-of-state near a coast line … yes shagging tennis balls and maybe a fish or two, after business meetings!

But that is next week … Enjoy your Friday and your weekend!

BREAK IN: After a better than expected jobs report, the market is raising rates on it’s own… this is a good thing longer term…

6-4-15 10 Year Treasury


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