Thanks to All — Booo — Clocks Back after the Sugar Wears Off

Thank You !

I wanted to again thank everyone for the super support on the D Magazine nomination. Everyone was so nice with congratulations — I very much appreciate it !! You guys are all the best — Ok– getting mushy!!


Having a family favorite Holiday Party on a Saturday night should make for an interesting evening.

Be safe to all !

For new readers, one of the family’s favorite holiday’s is Halloween (present party partially excluded) – Costumes regularly start assembly in August –

This is my 8 year old’s costume :Pierce 2015 Halloween

For me, I always try to go as a Financial Planner with little success – This year– allegedly I have been pre-assigned “The Hulk” but have yet to spot any green paint, so maybe I am safe !

 Clocks Back

As the sugar wears off, be sure to turn those clocks back. Like the extra hour, hate the earlier darkness… it is what it is !!

Have a Safe and Super Friday and Boooo Weekend !

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8222 Douglas Ave # 590
Dallas, TX 75225


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