Estate Planning – Total document summary

The term “Estate Planning” gets thrown around frequently, sometimes by us. Recently we tossed the term out and upon finding we did not have an article with a total summary of “Estate Planning Docs” an article was born.

Break in – If you have not reviewed your documents in five + years, now is a good time… let us know, as we should have a soft copy of file … if not…send us one please!

Estate Planning Docs

Will – Document that directs non-beneficiary directed assets (Ex, property, cash and regular investment assets) and may create trusts for minors, names a Custodian, Executor and may also create trusts and Trustees for estate tax minimization and other uses (see final statement in article below on Trusts.)

Power of Attorney– Financial document that appoints someone other than you to make most financial decisions in your absence. Generally this document immediately becomes effective upon authorization, as opposed to upon disability.

Healthcare Power of Attorney – Document that appoints someone to make important healthcare decisions if you are unable. Think un-conscience and need to approve some type of procedure.

HIPPA – Allows your appointed person to receive medical information on your behalf. This is the ant-privacy document to counter unintended consequences of many of the recently enacted privacy laws.

Living Will- Cease and Decease – DNR – These titles are one in the same and are frequently confusing. This document allows medical professionals to NOT mandate all possible care, should you become deceased mentally, but not in body function. DNR stands for do not resuscitate, and is probably the most explanative title.

We will dig more into Trusts in a specialized post just dealing specifically with that area of Estate Planning!

Now you have a great all-in-one spot for just what the heck all those “Estate Planning” docs are… and us too !

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