Too Much of a Good thing Clarity … Travels…

While our house looks very similar to the one pictured below … previously mentioned as too much of a good thing…

Santa House 2015

It is not our house (thanks for those that thought we might have the patience to do this!) …. however, this house is in our neighborhood….thankfully some distance away as when the darkness comes…. each has a bright bulb that lights up !

Still too much of a good thing ! haha…. Where do they store all of these things? For those that look closely, there is an original Big Tex head over the front door….with a Santa hat of course !

Traveling the remainder of the week !  Enjoy the Holidays!

John A. Kvale CFA, CFP

PS Congrats to Sophia on her tennis tournament win yesterday… nice Holiday Present!

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  1. Cliff Brunette

    Glad to hear its NOT your house. I thought you had lost your common man sense !! Ho Ho…

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