Three great reasons to be happy today ! A long term global perspective…..

Three reasons to be happy …..No, it’s not because it is Friday…..although many times that may seem like a good reason to be extra Happy!

This is better!

With much of the banter daily being negative, we find this refreshing and think you will too!

Recall our attention is directed towards the financial world….. work with us here!

Three Fantastic Charts to keep the Perspective

We ran across these from our friends at Our World in Data and just had to share…

While there is still Poverty, over the longer term, terrific progress!

We can argue the chicken or the egg from above, literacy and poverty;  This chart shows great progress as well….certainly not done yet, but GREAT progress!


So less are living in poverty and more are literate …. but guess what? More are living in freedom as well!

Have a Happy Friday and a Super Weekend!

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