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On a recent trip a long time friend introduced me to a neat app he was using, Tripit ….

I was immediately hooked!

From the Points Guy Feb 1, 2017 – #1 of 5 best apps for your next travel vacation

Meet Tripit – App of the Quarter

The key feature desired is the flight refund monitoring. After a purchase of tickets who has time to check the websites to see if later the flight drops in price? Tripit does, and will text you a note if it discovers a lower price.

There is an annual $49 fee for this slightly higher service, but this will likely be easily covered with a ticket or two of savings. After starting with the basic free version, this feature seemed worth the value.

The points tracker feature is excellent and will likely surprise you the number of programs you are involved. Many programs will allow you to just enter your credentials into Tripit and the app will take care of the rest, while a few mandate you email you monthly statement to a Tripit email provided.

There is also a seat tracker, terminal and gate reminder, Flight status, check in reminder, alternate flight options as well as automatic trip sharing features.

Only drawbacks so far?

Only one person allowed, per app, and with a family of four, this will get pricey.

Give it a try, hope you will like it as much as I did!

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