Spring Break Schedule Travels – Spring has Sprung – Time Change/March Madness – Friday … Spring Pictures

Next week is our school spring break. Each year we try as a family to take time from the rigid schedules of Tennis, travels, school and late arrival to home time. This year we will be out of town attempting to do the same. While last year we even tried not to have posts here – unsuccessfully… we are going to try even harder this year to be absent for the week … without a post as well.

No promises as we will be tethered lightly electronically as always!

Luckily the office Spring Breaks are staggered, leaving you in the capable hands of Donald the Brain and Cathy.

Spring has Sprung-

Speaking of spring … the all knowing Tree in our back yard has begun blooming, signaling the official start to spring. While not Punxsutawney Pennsylvania it’s record is perfect for the last 17 years …


Time Change

Remember this is the time of year we gladly give up that extra hour of sleep in order to have extra light at the end of the day.

Don’t forget to happily roll that clock forward on this Sunday – yaya, most clocks do it automatically.

Let the sunlight evenings begin and a little March Madness too!


Today is a Friday, heading into a Spring has Sprung, Spring Break Week along with a much welcomed Time change.

Enjoy your day, your weekend and talk to you …. fingers crossed, not until the follow week.. no promises!

Here are a few more Spring Pictures from the family favorite jogging and walking trail near the house.

Have a happy “Spring Has Sprung” Day!

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