Last Day of July … Bday Weekend …. Friday…

So today is the last day of July …. one of the more interesting July’s (hopefully) we may have for the near future…. Covid and the like.

Next week … the July review with a video podcast as we usually do … will complete over the weekend …

With a full schedule this week, we thought a shortened Friday post was good…

Bday Weekend and Two Decade Anniversaryfiftieth-birthday

This weekend is the Mrs. big half century mark Bday, along with her identical twin sister, mentioned that was equal to a full century, which did not go over well … oops … oh well  … haha

Not only that, but a twenty year anniversary is in the cards next week too !!

Wow… time goes fast when you are having fun….

Will be taking some time out of the office, but always tethered electronically…..

Ahhhhh… but that is all coming soon, today is a Friday… the last day of July … enjoy and have a great weekend !

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