Elon Musk Shakes the Shorts … Neat Chart from Our Friends at Visual Capitalist

While Elon Musk can certainly be a controversial figure… especially with his Cell phone and Twitter App Opened… he has a way of making successful endeavors.

Not withstanding the above, we find Musk an innovator and certainly not afraid of what critics may say. Here and here and even here in our Newsletter earlier this year we spoke of Musk. With Musk’s announcement of moving to Austin Texas, we likely will be seeing and hearing more from him.

The following chart was just too good to pass up from our friends at Visual Capitalist.

As a reminder, a short seller makes a bet the stock will go down, which usually happens much faster than a stock climbs, by borrowing the stock from some one, selling it with the intent of buying it back at a lower price. Two big catches with this technique are that a short sellers losses are unlimited as a stock may grow to the sky and if too many shorts end up on the same company, a short squeeze or unnecessary and unwarranted run up in the stock as everyone buys to cover may occur….. trampling the Shorts !

Have a Great “Musk Shakes the Shorts” Day!

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