Work Remote Trends from Our Friends at Visual Capitalist versus Kastle Back to Work Index Update …

Long time followers (maybe even short time) know we really enjoy graphics, and especially when we can compare several sources on the same subject…

Luckily another new fantastic chart from our friends at Visual Capitalist that would compare well with a long time regular, Kastle Back to Work Index update hit our email box last week….

Here we go:

Industries Embracing Remote

As an interesting side note, this weekend while working on this post and listening to a fantastic 80 minute podcast from Satya Nadella the CEO of Microsoft, he mentioned that the entire workforce of Microsoft will be offered a staggered three day in the office work week moving forward. There were certain creative groups within the company that were just unable to function well remotely…. which makes sense…

From the Visual Capitalist article- interesting stat

Broadly speaking, 12% of all Canadian paid job postings on LinkedIn offered remote work in September 2021. Prior to the pandemic, that number sat at just 1.3%.

Kastle Back To Work Index

Kastle is a National Security Company among other things that has smartly used their resources to track office occupancy… well done guys, just terrific use of your resources for the betterment of all

Recall these hit our in box weekly…. note the immediate movement up post delta rollover… still a long ways to go, and per the above a population adjust future may never go back to 100% occupancy!

Can see the come back in the longer term trend in this chart!

Have a Great “Double Comparison of Remote Work” Day!

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