Out of the Office this Week – DMA – Dallas Museum of Art Pictures – Can Happy Thanksgiving make ONE LAST appearance?

Office Hours – Out this week – Tethered for Emergencies

With all of our Families getting the full week off for Thanksgiving…. the decision was made to let everyone take some much needed R&R this week….

Yours truly is out of town and out of the state, but will be holding the fort down with electronics for any Emergencies that may occur…

DMA Post Party Fun – Pictures

The now 15 year old, Pierce, has a great eye for photography…. but a shy personality for taking picture of “Strangers” to him…. everyone at the party were like family of course, but not to him!

The pictures of anyone Pierce did not know, were …. well rough… but those that he did know came out great….and the DMA art, statues and other … we will let you make your own decision…

For the record privacy laws keep us from posting any pictures of non employee’s so you are all protected anyway… all is fair game for J.K. Financial, Inc. employees…

Oh…one last thing before we show you the pictures… with so many new followers, we plan on showing our most popular Video Ever … a non-edited frustrated, but humorous video from many years back…. We promise… last time!

And now the best Pics of the DMA

Happy Early Thanksgiving- Gobble Gobble !

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