Look out Educators … AI (Artificial Intelligence- Chat GPT) Takes Education System by Storm … Uh oh!

Coming from a large family of educators, the 15 year old (Pierce) earlier this week proudly showed off the ability to type in a sentence and an AI (Artificial Intelligence) called Chat GPT spit out a beautifully complete paragraph about whatever the sentence described.

Uh Oh …

AI – Artificial Intelligence coming by storm

Those with super keen memories will note, a find of AI art via Dall-E-2 occurred earlier this year and with great relief, most of the non graph or humorous post pictures are now created via AI with just a request of a sentence and an all original picture is created…..

This image was made by request “Frog Unhappy getting an email!” used during an unsubscribe post here

But what if it was a paragraph request that sounds like the following:

“Write a paragraph about the signing of the declaration of independence in 10th grade level!”

Uh Oh

Trust us it works extremely well … so good Microsoft has an offer for 49% of the company for a mere $10 billion….announced today… just a few days after the 14 year old find….

Did we say this system has only been open to general users for a few weeks…. the reason we cannot show you the answer from above as the site has been down almost all day!

Good Luck fellow educators, this may be challenging!

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