Last Friday Employment Report Review – Payroll Employment Vs Unemployment Rate Vs Oil Prices … Very Mixed Signals …

On Last Friday 6-2-23 (Always the first Friday of the new month) – the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) released their regular monthly report of the employment situation…

The Good – Well Maybe?

While the actual “New Jobs” portion of the report… blew the numbers away… so much so that it gives many pause …. including ourselves …

Hat tip Mike Green –

Recall our last Advance Analysis about good ole Standard Deviations…. dang we knew this would come in handy…. this far from the expectations would be VERY unusual….maybe even unbelievable??

The Bad –

The Unemployment rate actually ticked UP…. What ? hmmmmm

Payroll employment increases by 339,000 in May; unemployment rate rises to 3.7%

The Bad Again –

Was going with the Ugly, but it was not really Ugly, just bad or not good again… stay with us here

On Sunday afternoon US time, the OPEC kingpin Saudi Arabia announced additional oil production CUTS…. in order to prop up oil prices which are, in part falling due to demand and demand expectations….

With a fair amount of “Is it over?” Questions over the weekend from various contacts…thought it worth sharing …. Very Doubtful… And we are glass half full folks….

Have a Great “The Good (maybe), the bad and the bad” Monday!

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