Friday from Afar … Picture of Local Guest … Cyber Reminder … Some Really Good New Spam, Wish they would focus that Energy …

Mentioned yesterday in an email…. We have a “Love Hate” Relationship with technology… When it works… yay.. .When it doesn’t … Nay….

Technology does give us the ability to be more mobile as we are taking our last “Full at home Family” Trip, with the oldest heading off to school at the end of next month…. All good, all part of the process, as many of you have said…

Here is a Picture of a resident from our current location -Actually looks like he is posing!

Cyber Reminder — Wish time was spent in a Positive Direction

While many (present party included) are sharing their last family get aways ,.,,,the bad guys, and likely some bored young techies, are still at it…

Was going to say these were all time stamped at the incorrect hour, but the last Amazon spam came through mid-day yesterday… Oh.. all of these were yesterday, and that was a light day…

This first one almost got me, as it was sandwiched between two legitimate tax related emails from different sources… Of course, DO NOT CLICK ON ANYTHING IN THESE!

These other two are regulars, but again came in yesterday… NEVER EVER CLICK ON THE PDF – Below Right Screenshot…

Have a Great weekend, Next Week Monthly Review Monday and last week remote! – Talk Then!

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