The FED Speaks Firm AGAIN, First Travels Ahead, Friday….

Our second lead article in the coming Newsletter is Titled “Don’t Fight the Fed” …

The general context is, the FED (Federal Open Market Committee) led currently by Jerome Powell have great control through interest rates (there it is again- they really are that important) when they lower eventually it becomes stimulus, and raise, headwinds….but this time with stimulus still sloshing around in the Economy… participants are being stubborn and fighting the FED

Powell Puts His Foot Down

This week FED Chair Powell firmly stated he will slow the Economy, and if needed via higher rates…

Maybe Participants are beginning to listen?

First Travels Ahead

Next week marks the first travels of the season…while not a Road Warrior, travels are enjoyable, this years have started a bit later due to the Merger…. but the anticipation is just as great ….

Ahhhh…. Today is a Friday…. Fall is beginning to find it’s way to our neck of the woods…. Enjoy and Talk Next Week… Likely a Newsletter and Video coming!

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