Break In: SS Cola 3.4% for 2024 … Happy Birthday to the Office … Jen AND Donald Birthdays Saturday… Friday happily from the road …..

Break In: With the release of the BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) various CPI numbers yesterday, the CPI W- (explanation here) for the important third quarter was completed…. Social Security and likely many similar Pension recipients, your 2024 COLA (Cost of Living Adjustment) is 3.4%!

Pro Tip reminder- even if you are not receiving SS, this COLA effects your future benefits!

Back to our regularly scheduled program!

Not sure how in the world we ending up with two of the most important members of the J.K. Financial, Inc. team with Birthdays at the same time… but it happened….

Saturday October 14th is a big day at the firm…. Ages left out on purpose here! ha

Yours truly either strikes out or bats 1000 on gifts ….shhh….this year, hopefully 1000 !

Happy Birthday Jen and Donald

Ahhh…. today is a Friday from a VERY fast paced mid week travels…many of you bet you did not even know…thanks technology…. Happily traveling !!

Talk next week from the regular home saddle!

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