Spam Calls and Texts AGAN…. New Tools …Enter Active Armor and Call Filter …

After a family member upgraded her cell phone from an Iphone 8, yikes, tech could not believe it was still working ……no names mentioned (the Mrs. would not be happy) … But it gave the subject of this post… so shhhh..

The new phone garnered a ton of spam/robo calls and false texts right out of the gate…no idea of coincidence or something to do with the upgrade….

The search was on for help and being an AT&T Family we found Active Armor, left screenshot…. Verizon looks to have a similar app.,… right screenshot…

If you only get half the results we have, it will be a success….

Be very careful to download the correct app as there are a lot of similar apps and we are comfortable only with what your carrier suggests…. May be bringing a Trojan horse to your device with others…

Short post as this is being completed the night before and pretty sure our friends doing a major update for us, are also working on the site as freezing is the situation and with an early AM flight out tomorrow… No way to get this to you on time otherwise…

Enjoy, be careful with what you download – hope your experience is as good as ours!

Have a Good “Spam Filter App” Day!

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