Scammer, Spammer and Down Right Crooks Update – Funny Personal Experience

With last Friday’s promised preview of updated scammers/bad guy techniques, the collection of examples for this post was well underway…

When doing a post such as this, in order to get the images for the example, many devices are often used. Literally as an upload of a screen shot text was being readied for this article from my cell … (while in the back of a large auditorium that housed 100’s that were supposed to be listening to the format and rules of the National Tennis Tournament being attended – let’s call it multitasking rather than lack of attention – digressing) … the upload was interrupted by the following call, fortunately the quick screen shot worked …

There was a number that followed the call, but in the unlikely event it WAS NOT a scam/spammer the number was left out for privacy…

Very coincidental timing at best….

Break In-

As mentioned also late in Friday’s post a new cell data service was ordered last week to include free unlimited data – with a little research it was discovered this new service has an free Spam Risk incoming call notification – still coincidental but partial mystery solved- Digressing again….

Social Security Scam

This is a carefully cropped letter (to protect identity from the field) of a very concerning letter that was allegedly sent from the Social Security Administration…

In the body of the letter there was information concerning a pension that was inaccurate, and seven years old…

Trust us that the letter looked VERY real at first… upon further review, here is what we found:

  • Request for phone number was on the letter from recipeint
  • Request for multiple years of income confirmation and pension information
  • No phone number to call for further information * This is what really led us to believe it was fraud
  • Return address for information was much different from mailing address

The letter was four pages long and very believable even frightening! Doing a search on the address, there was a Social Security Office near the address, but NOT AT the actual address of the letter – WOW very cleaver!

It sounds obvious after reviewing the facts, but at initial glance one could have easily entered information which would have certainly been followed by a phone call asking for more information-

If you have ANY doubts, send us a copy for review, just as our long time client did- do not take ANY chances – Hat tip JH!

Institutions Text Scams

The following texts have been collected over the last few months sent to my family and seem to be accelerating in frequency… Don’t Bite

Fake from Chase:

Fake from Amex – we do not even have an Amex Card

Fake from Microsoft:

Fake from Hotmail :

Lastly, a deleted example to the 11 year old, who certainly does not have a Capital One Account that would be at issue – although he questioned if he did- and wanted balances… not kidding..

Upon discussion if he clicked the link in the text, a straight answer was never received- hopefully there will not be a follow up post to this one, on what exactly happens to your phone if you click on the link –

Needless to say, there is are new form of spams, scammers, and phishing going on out there.. these are all text examples just from our family over the last few months!


Not trying to be a downer on a Monday, just a protector of our data, and keeping our technology clean and virus free!

Have a Great “Be Careful Out There” (showing age here – anyone remember the show?) Day!

John A. Kvale CFA, CFP

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Fed Walked the Tight Rope Perfectly – Preview of New Scammers You Need to be Aware – Friday

On Wednesday July 31, 2019 the FOMC (Federal Open Market Committee) led by Jerome Powell and attended by our own Dallas based Robert Kaplan, did something they have not done in over 10 years…. LOWER RATES.

8-1-19 FOMC FED funds rate

While we crowed ‘Not Necessary” they walked a great tight rope…

In this post announcement article…. and  somewhat funny CNBC article, over a dozen … so called “Expert” firms completely disagree in all directions on what the Fed will do next!


With disagreement on what they will do next, no expectation will be ….. well … EXPECTED!

If I were a Fed official, that is exactly the way you want it … freedom to stay put, lower or raise without fussy Market Participants all weighing in on the same side of the fence.

They also stopped the winding down (selling reserves back to the market) of balance sheet reduction, which was a net tightening.

8-1-19 Total Bank Assets

So let’s say they are in neutral now and have created the freedom to drive wherever they want! Nice..

Sorry we got a bit deep on this, this week, but we felt it important and wanted to keep you in the know!

Speaking of in the know – We have collected a few new examples of scamming that we will bring to your attention next week – One so clever it’s hard to believe!

Ahhh…but it is a Friday….

Care to guess what today and next week brings?


Last looong, big tournament of the summer…..

Thanks goodness for a new unlimited Cell plan and neat technology … Will be in touch!

Have a GREAT Friday/Weekend Summer day(s)!

John A. Kvale, CFA, CFP

Founder of J.K. Financial, Inc.
A Dallas Texas based fee only
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Management firm.

A Much Forgotten But Fast Growing Expense Reminder: Personal Property Taxes!

With multiple inner circle friends and clients expressing fatigue at the escalating Property Tax bill… we set off to do some research. Our most interesting findings are when we feel like we are on an island, and no one else is discussing a subject …

With very little public information on the subject of Personal Property Taxes (think Home/Car) in just a step for steppers like fashion, we turned to our investment resources for some possible clarity –

It took us a lot longer than we thought to find sources that would connect the dots of the puzzle of escalating Property Taxes, but here is what we found!

Total US Property Tax Collections 1987 to Present

US State Local Property Taxes 1988 to 2018

Total Property Tax Percentage Change Year Over Year 1987 to 2018

US State and Local Property Tax Percentage Increase 1987 to 2018

The average annual increase since 1987 is 4.8%%  Why?

Case Shiller National Home Price Index 1987 to 2018

Case Shiller Average Home Price 1987 to 2019

Oh no ….

This is an annual 3.9% growth from 1987 to present –

So asset prices have increased at a 3.9% pace over the last 30 years but taxes at 4.8%?

May not seem like much, but over time IT IS….

3.9 V 4.8 House Growth Versus Tax Growth

We do not want you to think conspiracy or other… just be aware that tax rates are growing faster than assets rates…. oddly, per our Social Security Retirement discussion, wage growth is growing much faster than inflation…leading to a better standard of living, which tax rates are more correlated with…. additionally there are certain municipalities across the country that have struggling finances and are taking more aggressive measures to shore up the coffers.

Bottom line: Property Taxes are growing at a rate MUCH faster than our assets … if you are buying an asset, especially a house, keep an eye on the Property Tax Amount!

Have a Great “Tax Growth versus Asset Growth Rate” Day!

John A. Kvale CFA, CFP

Founder of J.K. Financial, Inc.
A Dallas Texas based fee only
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Our First Accidental Post in almost 2000, the Perils of Bad Wifi Connections – All Eyes on the FOMC next week – Friday

On Wednesday at 9:23 AM, just over an hour before the regularly scheduled 10:30 am post was to go — a quick review of the 10:30 post led to an update from the Ipad which had saved data on the device and then updated it when the review occurred… and some how sent the following title …


If you saw it and wondered… now you know – for the record first time in almost 2000 posts now! Of course some have gone off at 10:30 pm rather than am and earlier than planned – but this was the first totally unplanned post – sorry for the confusion, if it caused any! I like to think of it as authenticity 😀

FOMC in View

Next week the FOMC (Federal Open Market Committee) let by Jerome Powell and attended by our on local Dallas President, Robert Kaplan – (our newly admired local president) better lower rates!

It’s hard to feel like they must lower rates as the global economy is slowing but not falling off a cliff …. Their (FOMC) public rhetoric has led Market Participants to be almost certain they are going to lower. If they don’t lower rates – disappointment!

Should be interesting!

Have a GREAT Friday and a Super Weekend – talk to you next week!

John A. Kvale CFA, CFP

Founder of J.K. Financial, Inc.
A Dallas Texas based fee only
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Management firm.

Part 6 : Tom Clark, Social Security Expert, with Audio – Delayed Retirement Benefit, Important Spousal/Widow Non Increasing Benefit

In Part 6, from our  Social Security Event earlier this year, Expert, Mr. Tom Clark, continued with the meat of Social Security, Retirement Benefits …. that Social Security Provides. Part 1 Here , Part 2 Here , Part 3 Here, Part 4 HerePart 5 Here, and Direct Audio Here on our site for your viewing/listening pleasures:

Delaying Full Retirement Benefit and Important Spousal/Widow Understanding

While about 50% of retirees take Social Security at 62 with another huge portion taking the benefit at FRA or Full Retirement Age – there are some folks that delay benefits – here is why

  • Why would folks delay Social Security Retirement Benefits?
  • Delayed Retirement Benefits – an ANNUAL 8% increase in benefits
  • Annual increase until age 70
  • Cannot wait past 70
  • Possible 32% increase in benefits
  • Spouses/Widow DO NOT GET an increase- Don’t wait past FRA for spousal benefits
  • Spouse would receive higher monthly benefit upon death if delayed benefit

The most important item in this section is the Spousal/Widow benefit – it does not make sense for the spouse to wait for delayed benefit if claiming benefits from a spouse – there have been some rule changes making this more difficult.

Wave file format:

MP3 File Format:

OGG File Format:


Click Here for Direct Link to All Parts Audio Posted on our Special Social Security Page

Have a Great “Delayed Benefit and Spousal No Accrual” Day!

John A. Kvale CFA, CFP

Founder of J.K. Financial, Inc.
A Dallas Texas based fee only
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