“Good Investment Advice Does Not Change on A Daily Basis”

In a chance lunch visit with a peer in the professional investment community yesterday, he mentioned something, and I quote, “Good investment advice does not change on a daily basis.” We both took note, and I mention this quote today as a follow-up to an earlier post of the various communications and recommendations we are receiving in today’s overwhelming coverage of our economic situation.

The sensationalism is in part to keep us coming back to hear the next “Breaking News” event. We are not saying much of what is happening has negative consequences or are we saying things are great. We are saying that much of the information on a daily basis is over energetic in order to keep our interest.

In the future, which we have no idea when this will occur, the negativity will move to positive sensationalism. Again, we will keep an even thought process and remind you of how negative things were being portrayed at this time to keep things in perspective.  Patience…  JK

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