Time Crawls When We Feel Bad. Stay Positive!

Yesterday, consumer confidence numbers, depending on which poll you looked at, reached very low levels. Interestingly to us, slowly but surely, it is our belief things in our economy are getting better.  Certainly home prices have continued to fall and in our opinion, that has thrown a blanket on many other events that are moving in a more positive direction.

Why are we feeling negative?

We think there are several reasons, but most importantly we have been convinced through multiple inputs that things are not doing well. President Obama needed to push much of his policies through Congress, and as such, used negative information for scare tactics to help expedite these events.

Recognize we live in a great country and we will get through this.

Are there uncertain events out there? Absolutely. Are there many items to worry about? Certainly!  Will we get through this? Absolutely!

After several weeks of personally not feeling well due to the cold and flu season, along with a four and one year old sharing their experiences, I am reminded how slow time goes by when we feel bad.  The same goes for our well being and our feelings toward our country or the economy. Stay positive and fight the temptation to stress over the current events. Things will get better! Patience!   JK

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