Tax Strategies for Year End: It’s Not Too Early To Start Thinking About Next Year’s Taxes

As we enter the fall, we begin working on tax loss selling and capital gain neutralization strategies.

As many of you are most certainly aware, Uncle Sam wants his fair share of our gains on taxable investments we have realized over the calendar year. While it may be unthinkable, given the markets negative movement over the last two years, it is still possible to have capital gains taxes due.

Our tax strategies involve attempting to realize the current maximum deductible amount ($3000) in losses while not sacrificing the integrity of the investment portfolio, and never letting the “tax tail wag the investment portfolio dog.” 

There are always surprises that we miss, and gains that slip through at the last minute, but as our thoughts turn to helping minimize taxes, we thought it informative to relay and remind you of our strategies in advance.  

Thanks for your time. JK

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