So What Economic Numbers Are We Watching this Week?

Yesterday we mentioned we are a slave to the Headlines as we are still a few weeks away from earnings. A Slave to Headlines Without Earnings

Today we thought we would give you a heads up on our regular weekly economic watch. The following is from and the links will bring you to a description from yahoo or the related government entity that produces the report. Each week we closely monitor economic reports and keep a history of the reports and how they faired given market expectations for the complete year.  This allows us to monitor the results as well as expectations, and investor’s reactions to actual versus expectations.

This week our key items, in order of importance to us are:

  1. Initial Claims
  2. Core and non Core CPI
  3. Retail Sales
  4. Core and non Corp PPI


Statistic For Actual Briefing Forecast Market Expects Prior
Core PPI Aug 0.00% 0.10% -0.10%
PPI Aug 1.00% 0.80% -0.90%
Retail Sales Aug 2.10% 1.90% -0.10%
Retail Sales ex-auto Aug 0.10% 0.40% -0.60%
Empire Manufacturing Sep 13 15 12.08
Business Inventories Jul -1.20% -0.80% -1.10%
Core CPI Aug 0.00% 0.10% 0.10%
CPI Aug 0.20% 0.30% 0.00%
Net Long-term TIC Flows Jul NA NA -31.2B
Capacity Utilization Aug 69.60% 69.10% 68.50%
Industrial Production Aug 1.00% 0.70% 0.50%
Crude Inventories 11-Sep NA NA -5.91M
Crude Inventories 11-Sep NA NA NA
Building Permits Aug 575K 596K 564K
Housing Starts Aug 570K 580K 581K
Initial Claims 12-Sep 565K 555K 550K
Continuing Claims 5-Sep 6000K 6114K 6088K
Philadelphia Fed Sep 10 8 4.2


While this may look like a lot of economic reports for the week, this is actually a relatively light week of reporting. Any report may gain importance if something reported is drastically different from expectations.

Have a good day !


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