Markets taking a Breather-Finally

As we enter the half way point of earnings season, the markets have taken a more negative tone.

As the headlines will most likely read, the “Insert Favorite Index” is now down “X” days in a row. And certainly this is true, but given that earnings numbers are coming in, for the most part, pretty good, it is very possible we are finally taking a much-needed breather.

Looking ahead to the end of the week, we will hit an end of the month period lending some pressure from the usual end of month, Let the “Mark Ups” Begin and we still have folks who may have missed the entire move, see related post , I Missed It! I Missed It!.

Businesses are, again for the most part, saying things are getting better, and while anything can happen, a breather might be just what we need.

Have a good day!


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