How To Download Your Electronic Tax Statements? (Clients Only)

This is the time of year when we begin gathering our tax related information for our US Government tax filings. We thought it timely to review a few of the neat features available to help ease your tax filing blues.     

Tax Return

In order to download your tax information, please log on to your account by hitting “Account View” here, or on the “Client Account View” link at the right of this site, or the “Account View” tab on our J.K. Financial, Inc website at  Once you have entered your account view, just click on Accounts>Account Documents> and be sure you are looking at 2009 tax information, if this is the year you wish to retrieve.     

(If you do not have on line access to your accounts, please take a look at this post, it’s easy, free, and gives you access to all of your tax filing and historical information, electronically.)     

Just a reminder, tax forms are not officially due until Mid February and sometimes due to companies reporting their information late, there are delays beyond mid February. Not to worry, they will be posted eventually and relatively soon.     

Have a Great Day!    


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