In Need of a New Home Appliance and Live in Texas? April might be the Month to Buy!

The constant trail of laundry that is our household, with a total headcount of four now, has exhausted the Kvale homestead washing machine.

Being in the market for a new washing machine I will attempt to take advantage of the State of Texas Appliance rebate program.   Somewhat skeptical of these types of programs, since it always appears their are limitations on qualifications, I am going to attempt to utilize this program for the purchase of our much needed new appliance.

The key dates are as follows:

  • April 7th beginning at 7am, you must reserve your rebate paperwork (This may turn into something similar to getting a popular concert or sporting event ticket, but I will be giving it a go)
  • April 16th through April 25th marks the time frame for purchasing smaller appliances, such as the washing machine for our household
  • For larger appliances such as Air Conditioners and Hot Water Heaters, the end date for purchase is 60 days from April 16th

Again, at this time there appears to be limited restrictions, other than specific units for purchase, which are highlighted on the webpage in downloadable Xcel sheets.  Good luck, if you choose to utilize the program, feel free to shoot me an email of your experience at as we may post it for others to view.

Have a Great Day!


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