Earnings Season (90 Day Treadmill) Going Well

90 Day Treadmill

According to Thompson Reuters, as of this morning, over 65% of S &P 500 Companies have reported earnings (90 day treadmill), pushing us over the 1/2 way mark. An astonishing 82% of companies have beat expectations so far this quarter.

While many, including ourselves, debate the merits of analysts estimates at times i.e. Lower expectations, only to beat the estimate. Companies must still perform to beat their stated goals.  We continue to see companies utilize low inventories, lean staff, and technology productivity.  Most management teams feel much better looking into the future, which, may in turn, equate to higher employment decisions, eventually leading to lower unemployment numbers.

Goldman Sachs continues to have their hands full. A recent announcement of criminal investigations will most likely lead to more negative fanfare. 

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