CFA Presidency Complete and Travel Schedule

On Thursday June 3rd, 2010, I officially handed the torch over of the presidency of the CFA Society of Dallas Fort Worth to the new leadership. While my term runs until the end of June 2010, most commitments have been completed for my term.    

Handing of the Torch

Working in a small company environment for the last 20 years, my tenure as president was very interesting and a learning experience overall. Leading board meetings of 20-30 people and hearing various views representing over 1100 local members with over 100,000 world-wide members, it was a wonderful experience to have a taste of a much larger organization, and sharing the various view points from a common industry perspective.    

As the CFA DFW President over the last year, I have been very careful in public appearances and statements, as such you may have noticed a void in public reporter interviews.  You may have also noticed a void in posts as of late, due to the final time constraints associated with the conclusion of my term. I look forward to more frequent posts soon, and hope you do as well.    

Tomorrow, Wednesday June 9th, 2010, I fly out to Las Vegas for my favorite event of the year, a detailed institutional analytical conference with  AFG (Applied Finance Group). AFG is a firm we began utilizing over 13 years ago and stands at the core of our investment decisions.    

Upon return Friday, June 11th, 2010 I will be leaving for Florida, possibly, for a family vacation. Thanks to wonderful technology, constant contact with the capital markets and our Dallas office is always available.   

For our clients, we have a little exciting public recognition (Hint: Texas Monthly Magazine acknowledgement)  news for your investment firm, J.K. Financial, Inc. which we will announce once complete.   

Have A Good Day!   


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