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Preview: Donald “The Brain” On Deck Speaker – History of Our Software – Annual Conference of Thousands – Travels

Mid-week, we (DC and I) travel to the West Coast for an annual gathering of thousands of our peers, along with consultants, asset firms, and as many technology firms that you could shake a stick at…. with a new cell phone (and more importantly camera and battery), twitter followers ( @johnkvale ) can check some pictures that will be posted – and of course we will have items here as well… hopefully later this week….

A History of Planning Technology

Technology allows great things as most everyone knows. Over the last several decades, the Financial Planning and Portfolio Management process has adopted technology… as has our firm.

Originally the seemingly unstoppable power of Excel continued to improve speed, make for greater accuracy, and ever detailed specifications.

As a firm, we gravitated from the powers of Excel (Once upon a time this was done with pencil and paper – we know some that still do it this way today!) on to a heavy server burdening system, then on to a slightly lighter in house/on-line system, finally to the web based/full on-line systems (each time with much heartache and heartburn.)

Enter Donald “The Brain

Donald “The Brain” On Deck this WeekDonald Capone

With an almost from scratch to modern day software background as mentioned above  – Excel to server/web/cloud systems, Donald, who has always been in charge of this, immediately understood the challenges, necessary views, and possibilities when an all-new, completely cloud based on-line system became available.

As a Beta tester, and later almost a technology consultant (offered up enhancements that were eagerly accepted) Donald has been a go-to person for our modern day software and the firm that created it!

In the spirit of helping as many as possible, Donald will be on panels during the annual conference this week helping fellow advisors understand the power, simplicity, accuracy and productivity enhancements that we utilize, much to our software providers pleasure.

It is a great honor to be asked to do this before thousands of your peers- Well Done DC!

Spirit of the Conferencemeetings-1149198__480

We know what your thinking … big party that you get to write off the expenses? Once upon a time many years ago – maybe! NOT TODAY – showing our age I guess…haha

Today, we have a working list of items to review with various providers (all of the team has been gathering wish lists and needed understanding items for the last month from each perspective), multiple meetings as soon as we hit the ground, specific questions from you guys/clients in the field on certain subject matters, as well as a full schedule of planned viewing of panels of others, that we are not specialists in!

Several years ago, while solo and a morning of too much coffee, multiple new items were agreed upon and contracts signed ( i.e. New Web site provider, other tech services). Upon return, the gang was NOT happy (sorry guys) as we tried to digest everything over the next several months… we have learned to keep things bite size, but we will certainly stay informed!

Look for an informative post on Wednesday as we travel, then likely a brief post of Friday as we make our way back home, with frequent twitter posts and likely a deluge of posts here once we get our feet back on the ground …. stay tuned – Can you tell we are excited and ready to go?

Have a Great “Inform and get informed” Day/Week!

John A. Kvale CFA, CFP

Founder of J.K. Financial, Inc.
A Dallas Texas based fee only
Financial Planning Total Wealth
Management firm.

Donald “The Brain” At it AGAIN Early Next Year – Friday

Those long timers know Donald W. Capone III, CFA as our portfolio manager, planner and industry respected technology person, such “The Brain” label… as well as a super father, to top it off…

It’s  human nature to take this all for granted occasionally – he doesn’t fly like super man you know — haha – kidding!

The Brain Does At Again

Several years ago at an industry gathering of over 3000 folks in a western coast town, the key note speaker begins with a review of all the neat things that had happened during the year and those that were instrumental in developing these items…

32 minutes into the three day event, up pops … Guess who?


A fellow professional tapped my shoulder, “Isn’t that your partner on the big screen?” “No he is at home this trip!” No, he was on the big screen talking of the use and adjustments of new portfolio tools…

Sorry the picture is not better, but it was the best possible on such short notice ….

This time he doesn’t catch us off guard as he is expected to speak to a large group early next year as well as attend several round table Q and A’s !

Well done DC “The Brain”

Ahhh … today is a Friday, closing in on a Holiday Season, New Year and some much needed R and R family time for all… Enjoy and talk to you next week !

John A. Kvale CFA, CFP

Founder of J.K. Financial, Inc.
A Dallas Texas based fee only
Financial Planning Total Wealth
Management firm.

Wharton Co-Host Radio Show Sirius Satellite Radio Yesterday Evening – Rerun all this week and link to show

As I type this, I am waiting for the producer of the show, Michelle Stucker to call and place my phone on the live – yes LIVE – call in Financial Planning Radio show!

Your Money- Wharton University – Professor Kent Smetters

Channel 132 – from 4-5 pm daily this week, Dallas time will re-air the show for those interested…

Yesterday I was honored to once again co-host Kent Smetters, Wharton Professor and Sirius Satellite Radio show for almost an hour !

Talk about getting out of your normal comfort zone – a live nationwide radio show will do it for you!



Here is a link as well to the show-

There were some fantastic questions – The last time I was guest host, we were both stumped and this time it occurred again —

Someone asked if we knew of any long term care companies that would cover retiree’s living in another country!

Kent tossed to me and I back to him, “Not that I know of!”

Watch for a full article in the coming Newsletter !

Full confession – Due to a chicken/superstitious nature – you are reading this AFTER the show was recoreded ! haha

Have a Great “Out of your Comfort Zone” Day!

John A. Kvale CFA, CFP

Founder of J.K. Financial, Inc.
A Dallas Texas based fee only
Financial Planning Total Wealth
Management firm.

One week and a day from the Dallas Arboretum holiday party … Hard RSVP Reminder! Thanksgiving AND Christmas settings!


In Eight days … Yes, just one week and a day, the 22cnd annual J.K. Financial, Inc. holiday party will occur.

We are happy to announce the Thanksgiving AND Christmas settings will be up and ready for our collective viewing!

On November 18th at 1 pm, special parking opens –

Dallas Arboretum Gate 2 SUPER close and restricted parking just for us begins.

Arboretum xmas

The weather calls for an awesome day 60 degrees and sunny … fingers crossed it holds, making for a perfect time.

Our party ends at 3 pm, but the fun does not stop then … Tour the entire park at your leisure including the special recently opened kids area until 5 pm!

There will be a special on site golf cart/shuttle to take those that want to move a little faster to the distant corners of the complete park!

Food, fun, friends, family ….  fantastic !

It’s serious headcount time, so if you have not RSVP’d … please do so!

We will see you there!

Have a Good Friday and Super Weekend!

John A. Kvale CFA, CFP




Paradise Papers ? … Arboretum RSVP soft reminder

Over the weekend it was announced a huge trove of papers (13.4 million) were hacked and publicly released to a German Newspaper and an international group of journalists.

Paradise Papers

  • Nick name from the theme of Tax Havens
  • More countries and people involved than Panama Papers – current estimated 120k people named
  • Hacked from the International law and trust firm named Appleby – unrelated to Apple
  • Hackers unknown at this time

We all find interest in these type of disclosures as it gives us a peek into the Ultra fast and famous … how the other side lives. One bit of caution, just because someone is named and a part of these documents does not mean they have done something wrong. The law firm at issue, (with many angry clients – digressing) is by most counts an above board legal firm catering to the ultra-fast, this being said, it should make for interesting reading in the future as we may see if what many “Are actually doing … what they say they are doing” regarding finance and especially philanthropy.

Arboretum RSVP Soft Reminder Saturday November 18, 1-3 PM Tour the Park after until 5PMf20bb085-9cec-42f6-97b9-df1ac26bf587-2788-0000022f455848a1-2

With our special venue of the Dallas Arboretum 22cnd annual Holiday Party getting closer … This is your soft reminder to RSVP, it will be fun!

Have a Great Paradise Found day!

John A. Kvale CFA, CFP

Founder of J.K. Financial, Inc.
A Dallas Texas based fee only
Financial Planning Total Wealth
Management firm.


It only took 32 Minutes for “The Brain” to make a splash at the conference …. Meeting David Cameron ….

The lights were dimmed for the audience….

3000+ people to start the multiple day 14 hour a day conference….

Boom!   The lights are up, the attendees are revved up …. out walks the first speaker …



Exactly 32 minutes later… up pops an interview – on full screen in front of all 3000 -with none other than …

Donald “The Brain”…..


Gotta be kidding?

Nope… a replay from the meeting mentioned in this post earlier before the event…

First time an event has been crashed from across the county… Well Done Donald!

Meeting David Cameron

Later on in the  morning, David Cameron the former Prime Minister/President of Britian spoke …. Possibly the best talk ever … tons of notes to share. Even an in person meeting and quick chat…..

Today is a Friday, not surprisingly, time is short ….not to worry… LOT’S to talk about shortly…. Enjoy your weeekend !

Hope you enjoyed the update from a revved up body in the West !

John A. Kvale CFA, CFP

Founder of J.K. Financial, Inc.
A Dallas Texas based fee only
Financial Planning Total Wealth
Management firm.

D Magazine Does It Again – John Kvale Best Financial Planner Award 10th Consecutive Time – Funny Video

Those in the Dallas area, be sure to take a peek at the most recent D Magazine. We are honored, flattered and very excited to announce we have been included in D Magazines Best Financial Planner Award for the 10th consecutive time….

10 Consecutive Times — Wow!!

We are very happy to be along other fellow professionals, many of whom we know, and are wonderful Financial Planners as well.

Speaking of Financial Planners … if you have not seen this, it’s worth a few seconds of your time, a chuckle, and a thought about the subject matter… we love the humor and the delivery…

Thank you CFP Board – An organization we are proud to be a member for over 20 years! (ouch… it is really more than 20 years…oh well)

Have a Great Honored and Mature Weekend!

John A. Kvale CFA, CFP

Founder of J.K. Financial, Inc.
A Dallas Texas based fee only
Financial Planning Total Wealth
Management firm.