Thoughts from John Tamny and Another Beach Success

John Tamny, head of and noted economist, whom we have posted reviews in the past, was also present at the AFG conference. 

Taking copious notes during his discussion, I wanted to update and highlight a few of his thoughts:

  1. Tamny believes and give ample evidence that a stable dollar with no outside influences is key to success. (Not 100% sold on this.)
  2. In a short quip, he states that there is a trade deficit between Texas and Arizona, but it is not mentioned, so why do we worry about China/US ? His belief is that this deficit will naturally work its way out. (China/US is a lot larger deficit, but John’s point is relevant.)
  3. The devaluation of currency leads to Hard Asset investments, according to Tamny. ( We Agree!)
  4. Light Taxes, Free Trade, Stable Money Policy, and Low Government Control is best for successful economic growth, says John. (We agree and this was also similar to thoughts from Victor Canto.)
  5. Negative precedent was set by the bailouts, companies should have been allowed to fail in the latest recession. (We disagree, and feel that Bernanke and company made the correct moves.)

As you can most likely tell from our various visits with Economists and other “Professional” market Gurus, there are many wide variances to opinions and thoughts. Often times views directly cross with each other. Our purpose in delivering this information to you, is not only education, a resource for direct contact that may not otherwise be available, but also a nice memoir for ourselves, that act as a reminder for future reference.  

 Thanks for your time and due to the super response yesterday, I have attached a second, successful beach picture for your quick viewing!

Pierce Kvale - Post Successful Beach Day



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