Summer Doldrums and Out of the Office Schedule – Again!

Summer Doldrums Are Here ! 

Summer Doldrums


Glancing at the left hanging computer screen in my office, there is a list of about 30 large publicly traded companies that show today’s trading volume as a percentage of the 30 day average trading volume. The HIGHEST percentage volume today on my list is 37% (this means today there was 37% trading volume as compared to the last 30 days average.)     

 The lowest is 15%, with most heavily concentrated in the 20-30% range.       

With very few companies reporting until well after the fourth of July, we expect trading  and interest to remain tepid until earnings season. This of course does not mean that sudden events will not change investor’s perspective.       

Travel Schedule       

I will be traveling through the end of June in the North and South Carolina areas. Business, family and a few rounds of golf, but as always constantly updated with the markets.       

Have a Great Day !       





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