Things Are Never As Bad as they Seem or As Good As they May Seem!

Given the negative economic reports and general over all negative tone towards many parts of the developing worlds, mainly the US and the UK, if one had to close their eyes and guess what the total loss for the capital markets in August was; What would you guess?

-7%, -8%, -9% or even -10% loss for the Month of August.

Would you believe just over a 4% loss depending on the major index you may follow!

By no means do we as investors like to see capital drop in value, and of course 4% is a large amount if this were to happen every month. We think a continued drop of this magnitude for many months to come is unlikely, but of course possible.

Gloomy Tone

Maybe we read to many stories and headlines, even as we advise many to keep their eyes critically fixed on the facts.

No matter how we slice it, a mid economic pause, or a larger slowdown, Things are never as bad as they seem, or as good !

Have A Great Day !


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