Earnings Season and Travel Schedule

So far so good on the 90 day treadmill we call earnings season. While expectations have been raised in many cases, and there are always over and under reactions, we like what we are hearing so far.

90 Day Treadmill - Earnings Season

 Our main concern at this time is the overly positive macro views we are hearing from many “Professional” forecasters. We are still hearing wildly bullish views of over 20% market gains this year to which we say don’t bite ! We will call your attention to many of these same forecasters when the capital markets pull back (long over due) and they become overly negative.

Later this morning I will be headed to San Antonio for a two-day CFA related meeting, but happily, as usual, will be tethered to the office electronically.

Have a Great rest of the week and remember, markets are closed on Monday !


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