Hey Treadmiller’s, How are we doing ? Let the Record Speak as Earnings Season Nears the End

As we enter the home stretch of public company confession/earnings season, aka “The 90 day treadmill”, the record speaks for itself, according to Thomson Reuters:

Earnings Season - 90 Day Treadmill

  • 75% of the S&P 500 companies have reported through 2-11-11
  • 75% of those reported, met or beat estimates
  • 4.5% UPSIDE average reported surprise
  •  13.42 Current 2011 Forward P/E according to Standard and Poors
  • 14.59 % Forward Estimated 2011 growth rate, again from Standard and Poors

With government policy, interest rates, and institutional investor attitudes in check, we would say, so far so good.  

You might have noticed we left out the individual investor? We think he/she may be a bit too optimistic at this point, but maybe perception will become reality (we will speak more on this soon.)

Have a Good Monday and a Great Week!


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