Bet You Didn’t Know, A Few Quick Oil Related Facts from EIA

As I checked under the car over the weekend to make sure the gasoline I was pumping into the car was not leaking out, I thought a few facts from the EIA (US Energy Information Administration) might be of interest to everyone.

The EIA’s website, which has recently been overhauled, has some very interesting facts and easy to follow charts.

Here are a few interesting, and in our minds, often misconceived, facts according to the EIA:

Top Producers as of 2009 data: (Million Barrels per day)

  1. Russia                     9.9
  2. Saudi Arabia        9.8
  3. United States       9.1
  4. Iran                          4.2
  5. China                       4

Our first instincts were that the US would be much lower in the above production ranking.

Top Consumption Countries : (Millions of Barrels per day)

  1. US                              18.8
  2. China                         8.3
  3. India                          3.1
  4. Russia                       2.7
  5. Brazil                        2.5

Ok, that’s more like it, this does not surprise us, and with a few quick calculations, we can see the US needs to import about 50% of its usage on a daily basis.

In closing, I have attached a neat flow chart of how gas gets to us at the pump, you might also find interesting.

Gas Flow Chart EIA

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