Facts, Not Opinions are Most Important, Especially at Times Like These

In today’s rush to deliver “THE HEADLINE” story first, often times facts are lost, and opinion may seep into a story that compounds as other services re-report the same, possibly incorrect, story. Many times these stories are not from credible reporters or even reporters ar all.

Yesterday, there were various stories about Japan’s nuclear reactors and the United States’ reaction. Many of these stories were inaccurate. This from U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission  site:

“Finally, there is a lot of erroneous information in the media and online about this event and its ramifications. One plume model in particular is especially egregious and totally bogus. We urge you to continue to seek information from credible sources, including the NRC and other federal agencies.”

As an example, here are a few excellent credible sources for Nuclear and Energy related information:

We hope that these incorrect stories are accidental, however we understand there are people with malicious intent in the world that might have negative intentions. We suggest caution, especially on very dramatic or exaggerated story headlines, and always check the sources.

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