Caution Flag Gone, Ok To File Taxes

For everyone who has patiently waited to file your taxes, it is officially ok to file!

Ok to File !

We continually caution early filers’ due to the numerous corrected 1099’s that have become expected practice in today’s tax laws and sophisticated investment products. Thanks again for your patience, but it is now ok to file.

The go ahead today of course means we will receive a slew of corrected’s tomorrow due to Murphy’s law settling at our front door, however, our confidence this year comes from a rather meager set of corrected 1099’s thus far, and very few warning announcements from investment companies. As of today we have only had one very small round of corrected 1099’s compared to prior years of four or five, so we feel lucky.

Next year may be a different story, but we will save that worry for next year.

Have a Great Day!


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