5 Of the Most Important Money People You Might Not Know (Part 4)

Today we meet our fourth important, yet possibly unknown Money person. As a refresher, we have set the stage that you are on a long walk and crossing paths with a few individuals that are important in the money world, yet less known otherwise.
To quickly review, our first fellow walker was head of the IMF at the time of our meeting, now former governor of IMF, Dominique Strauss-Kauhn.
Our second fellow stroller was Mervyn Allister King, who is head of the ‘Old Lady’ of Threadneedle Street, also known as the Bank of England.
Our most recent stroller, and middle journey money man, Zhou Xiaochuan, while sheepishly young-looking, but very intelligent, commands the very powerful and fast growing, Peoples Bank Of China.
By now you know where we are going with this, so a picture may reveal the identity of our next (fourth) stroller, so here we go:
Do you recognize this person?
This is Jean-Claude Trichet.
Obviously a Frenchman, and head of a very powerful organization (and in multiple headlines today), but of course not a free from controversal organization, as it seems there are very few of those these days.
Mr. Trichet is head of a 17 country member organization, formed in June of 1998. 1999 began the actual movement of a unified currency.
With basic goals: “The primary objective ….  shall be to maintain price stability” and “without prejudice to the objective of price stability, … shall support the general economic policies in the Community with a view to contributing to the achievement of the objectives of the Community….”
As you may have guessed, Mr. Jean-Claude Trichet, is head of the German home European Central Bank or ECB.
Along with dialogue concerning the dissolution of the EU, we wrote of a small power struggle earlier in the year concerning Mr. Trichets successor as his term comes to an end later this year.

Hopefully you are not too tired to meet our last fellow stroller, coming soon to a sidewalk near us all.

Have a Great Day!


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