What Happens in Vegas comes to Dallas and a Meeting with Richard Fisher

Today Donald starts a full and long multiple days of research related meetings in Las Vegas. This trip represents our annual pilgrimage to our favorite research provider, Applied Finance Group, which is the core for much of our research.  For these meetings, what happens in Vegas, comes back to Dallas, so we look forward to sharing updates and thoughts that are discovered from the conference.

On Monday June 13th, 2011 in the evening, I have the opportunity to visit with Dallas Federal Reserve Chair Richard Fisher in a CFA related event. What is unique about this discussion is the ability to bring back to you some of the comments. I have seen Mr. Fisher several times prior, but due to his position, I have been required not to share any of his comments.

While I am certainly not a major media reporter,  many of which may be at the event, I am looking forward to bringing you my view of his comments next week.

Until then, we are most certainly due to have our last stroll past our famous but possibly unknown money person soon, so keep a watch out.

Have a Good Day!


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