Possible Money in Your Mailbox, Again

Settlement checks from various large Financial Companies are being mailed again. We occasionally alert investors to keep an eye out for possible money coming to them in the mail, this again is one of those times we want to alert investors.

If you are an investor receiving a settlement, it is important to remember if this settlement  was from an IRA account, it must be deposited back into an IRA or it will be deemed a taxable distribution. Please call our office if you have ANY questions.

Money in the Mail ?

As an investor we should pay extra attention to our mail box over the next several weeks as settlement checks are sent with little warning and are delivered via US Postal Service in an unassuming envelope.

Settlements checks often come from investments you may not have held for over 10 years. Mosf of the checks are a result of the after market trading lawsuits stretching back to the late 90’s and may not even be the same name of investment you had at the time.

With little to no warning, unsuspicious delivery packaging, and junk mail scattered in many investor mailboxes, it is a good idea to make sure you do not file 13 any mail before thoroughly reviewing.

Have a Good Day!


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