5 Good Things That Happened this Week !

Last week we Zigged when others Zagged, this week we wanted to send you to your weekend with a few good thoughts as well, especially given your positive comments, so here we go:

Jamie Dimon, the CEO of JPMorgan Speaks (Video) to CNBC during a road show:   “When you go to sleep at night think about the following before you get depressed. this nation is still the greatest nation on the planet. it was the first democracy on the planet. we have the best military. god bless our military around the world. those who have served and those who are serving today. we have the best university and best businesses. best university, best military be best rule of law, best innovation, those things will be here for decades. they aren’t going way. the strength in the system will blow your socks off when it comes out of this malaise we’re in. with the universities or companies…….” We cannot top this, Wow, Enough Said!

Timothy Geithner decides to stay as Treasury head– This bit of good and stable news was completely lost in the cloudy headlines this week. We applaud this action, if for no other reason, stability.

The FOMC assured no rate increases until 2013– In an interesting future guarantee, the FOMC, in their latest statement, assured market participants rates would stay low until 2013. This is a positive, aggressive, “stick your neck” out statement from the FOMC, assuring americans and investors the FED has no intention of raising rates in the short-term, or otherwise creating headwinds for the US and Global economy.

Trichet and the EU Pull out the US playbook– Jean Claude Trichet and the EU appeared to have embraced the US playbook for solving the Italy/Spain solvency issues, with possible commencement of sovereign bonds. Also of note, Spain appears ready to limit short selling to halt possible focused raids on Spaniard Financial public companies.

Consumer Sentiment Nears Very Negative Extreme levels– Yes, this is a positive, as the crowd is usually very wrong and zigs, when they should zag. AAII’s sentiment indicator hit extreme levels of negative (bearish) sentiment, which often times signals good things coming and at least signals perceptions are more realistic.

We hope you enjoyed our 5 positives this week and thank  you for your comments last week. Jamie Dimon certainly gave us unusually strong ammunition to fight off all those zaggers, and gets the MVP of positives this week.

Have A Good Weekend!


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