Paper Social Security Statements Absent This Year

We have commented various times on the importance of taking a few moments to review your annual social security statement, most recently in our in our Q 1 2011 Newsletter which can be found on our Newsletter page. One of the key items to review is your credited quarters and salary, as there are constraints from the Social Security Administration in correcting these reported amounts if incomplete.

As luck would have it, within a few months of our directing you to the importance of reviewing your statements, the following showed up on the Social Security website.

In light of the current budget situation, we have suspended issuing Social Security Statements” reads the Social Security website.

After speaking to the Social Security office for clarity, here is what I have found out:

  1. Currently there is not an electronic means to check our hours
  2. The abstention of paper statements is not permanent, yet
  3. Reports can be made directly to your local Social Security office for confirmation of benefit (See below)

Since the statements are not being permanently halted at this time, it is important, that we as tax payers, make sure we keep good records of our earnings history, (W-2’s) in case there are reporting problems.

We will update you on the status of next year’s statements, as a second year of absence would create more urgency for the agency to allow an electronic statement, which I requested they implement during my conversation with the administration.

Have a Good Day!


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