Little Brother Country Grows Up, A Personal Family Example

On Saturday of the latest weekend my kids helped me with a great idea of explaining the economic events as of late.  For those of you who do not know, I have a daughter Sophia, who will turn 7 shortly, and a son Pierce who will turn 4 just a few weeks prior to Sophia’s 7th birthday.

Along with the usual rough housing and small spats that go with a weekend morning, an interesting twist occurred this Saturday. Pierce grabbed an item from my Daughter and was able to break it free from her grasp, (for the first time) much to her surprise, and probably his as well, although, he immediately began running for safety (or his life) from the pending retribution. Just a few months earlier, this would not have been a contest, as Sophia could easily overpower her little brother, and pretty much control any situation she desired, but not anymore, the rules have changed !

As the latest 3-5 weeks of economic and market events have transpired, there has been a parallel to my daughter’s loss of dominance as the US has been more controlled by foreign, (so called younger brother countries) than in memorable past. For most of our memories, the larger developed countries have been the big sister and have at least been able to control much of the economic situations, the rules may have changed!

As the smaller little brother countries have grown more rapidly financially, and gain in size to the larger so called “Mature Markets” sisters, they are not so dependent on their big sisters and have their own opportunities.

While the recent debt down grade is important, and means something, in our minds the growing little brothers’ of the world are much more important and will make for an interesting maturing, of both big sister and little brother countries.

  • Will the little brother countries fall a few times? Absolutely!
  • Will they take their big sister country down with them? Maybe sometimes, but not every time.
  • Will little brother be stronger on his own in the future? Most likely, Yes!
  • Will big sister’s cold affect the little brother? Maybe not as much as it has in the past.

Have a Great Day!


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