An Update on the Sudden Economic Illness, Not Bad, But Not Great

In a continuation of our original Sudden Economic Illness post, (worth a read if you missed it) we thought an update on the economic numbers were timely.

Not Up to Expectations:

Last Friday the capital markets did not take kindly to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) monthly employment report that was expected to show 60,000 new jobs, but actually laid the proverbial goose egg and came in at zero (150,000 is considered break even for normal growth economic times.)

Nonfarm Payrolls

An interesting dichotomy:

Here is the interesting part of our current economic situation: A day earlier, the weekly Department of Labor (DOL) report showed yet another little changed jobless claims number.

Jobless Claims - No Change

So what does it all mean?

At this moment in time, our economy is not coughing out firings, or breathing in new jobs. The US economy is truly running in place. It will move in one direction or the other eventually.

Time will tell !

Have a Great Day!


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