Not Surprised if We Get a Swoosh in the Markets

With the Greece situation coming to some type of resolution sooner rather than later, and the resulting fear of the unknown for the EU, it is likely we may have a swoosh in global capital markets.

You may be asking what is a swoosh?

A relatively fast, fear driven, and somewhat electronic, overreaction to a headline or story. While the markets have appeared relatively normal lately, there are factors brewing underneath that would lead us to believe a swoosh is possible.

It would not surprise us if this swoosh happened quickly and ended with a final movement up in capital markets, but there may be very negative headlines as a result and no investment adjustments will be necessary.

We liken this swoosh to a hitting a pothole on the freeway rather than a ditch, but we thought with a little early notice, IF our swoosh occurs, you might find it more interesting than frightening.

Have a Good Day!


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