Financial Times Controls US Capital Markets From Across the Pond

In a sudden shift of importance, US dominated media i.e. Dow Jones, USA Today, NY Times, and others are playing second fiddle to the UK born Financial Times.

While we have been avid readers of the Financial Times for years due to their openness to express a less biased, and often more objective opinion, lately the FT, as it is often called, is in control of the capital markets. While it is not good to be controlled by the headlines, this is where we are today for political/EU reasons and not fundamental reasons. True fundamental reasons will eventually make their way to the top of the priority scale.

We find it interesting that our domestic markets are captive to headlines from across the pond, many of them being “Little Brother” countries.

Maybe it makes sense as the FT is closer to the European action, and their sources are proving better than domestic, given the latest geographic focus.

We will keep our eyes on the headlines from across the pond, even if it often means a bit less shut-eye in the mornings!

Have A Good Day!


PS Expect light trading today due to a major, holiday.

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