5 Financial Positives This Week!

While a bit light on posts this week, my apologies, Financial Planning Week and end of Quarter events took a bit more time than initially thought, but our “Friday Zig while others Zag positives” remains in tact.

We hope you enjoy:

Fears of US Recession Recede: Another good number from the ISM provoked this headline from the FT. While hard to believe, this positive bold headline started our positive week, and set the stage for the following other positives.

Bank of England Ups their QE: The Bank of England acting aggressively to conquer their slowing economy, held rates at .5% and increased their bond purchasing program, i.e. Quantititative Easing, to give extra juice to their economy.

Jobless Claims Holding firm: Lack of a negative is a positive in this case, as jobless claims are holding firm. The Labor Department reported this week that there were no major seasonal adjustments which makes the continued firm number more reliable from our point of view.

Early Earnings Continue to Trickle In Ok (Interesting Chart): Just as the ISM report above is holding firm, so are initial earnings. Next week kicks officially kicks off the season with Alcoa’s announcement.  Up to this point, earnings have been pleasant.

Moody’s Downgrade of UK Banks another Yawner: Very early this Friday morning, Moody’s downgraded a dozen UK banks. While not a surprise, a yawner investor reaction (no terrible selling) is a positive as it appears investors may be more prepared for negative news than just a few weeks earlier.

We hope you have a Great Weekend !


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