5 Financial Positives This Week

While a more positive tone has ensued, we still feel it necessary to zig while others zag, as the clouds may turn dark on those that are less convicted in their positives than ourselves.

So here we go:

Merger Monday Makes a Come Back : Two companies in the energy sector,  Kinder Morgan, and Norwegian based Statoil, announced intent to make major purchases. We applaud the managers positive attitude and thank them for the pole position in our positives this week.

Bending, But Not Breaking : Our ever larger Little Brother Country, China, continues the slowing but not fall. This week China reported a 9.1% GDP growth, which was a bit shy of expectations. This is a positive as their efforts are working and we have confidence in their foot on the accelerator if needed.

90 Day Treadmill Continues to Impress : Wow, is all we have to say, as managers continue to post very good growth numbers in both top and bottom line. While much of the continue success has come from the Emerging Markets, we see this as a positive as those economies chug along and maybe make for good investment opportunities in the future.

FEDS Beige Book A Positive : The Federal Reserve’s report on the 12 regions of the country showed slight growth in most regions. Yes, you read it correctly, growth! This is a positive for our slow chugging economy, giving us all a more positive picture for the future.

Weekend Talks of EU : Much of the weekend will be filled with headlines over te EU crisis. We feel there will be no resolution over the weekend, however, leaders continue to make progress towards a resolution and we applaud the increased sense of urgency that is finding its way into the room of 17 nations and honor it with our final positive of the week. As a note, the link will send you to a live FT site that has been excellent in reporting the facts as they occur.

As Johnny Cash’s “Burning Ring of Fire” flutters into my ears from my usual Starbucks this am, I hope your week of positives went well, and understand you are owed the Baseball Investing analogy from last week’s 5 positives conclusion. My apologies for the delay, as the irony of Johnny’s song title just now, but aptly titled, was a stomach bug that made its way into our home, delaying the afore-mentioned post. It WILL be ready for you next week!

Have a Great Day and a Good Weekend!




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