Five Financial Positives This Week and a Corrected Time Frame for Those Double Whammy Folks

You guessed it, here we are Zigging along again, while our fellow investors are Zagging.  We of course, never ignore the Zaggers, or their comments, as they bring valuable insights to every situation, however, there will be no Zagging statements from us this week. Do not be surprised if one day we switch sides, as our island may become too crowded and we have to take a little color out of those Rose colored glasses, but that is not the case today!

First we wanted to let you know that yesterday’s Double Whammy Post for those approaching 70.5 was correct, but we needed to include folks who turned 70 from July 1, 2010 through the end of June 2011. Our apologies for our originality mistake, we will correct the headline today on our site, but wanted to let you know of our accidental missive.

Now on to the Ziggs for the week:

Coordinated efforts from Big Sister Countries: We mentioned this story early am on Wednesday, the day many Zaggers were quieted briefly.  A coordinated effort to lower Swap lending rates from big sister countries sent the markets up like a rocket. As we had stated, the coordination was more important to us, than the effort, as our lead off, Pole Position positive, signals a collaborative effort may be available for the  Club Med spending Little Brother Countries.

China Lowers it’s Bank Reserve Requirements: Zaggers immediately pounced on this good news as the following day China released a slightly weak PMI. Rubbage we say, as the little Brother country that could, can, and will, get going again, which makes for our positive Place Position this week.

US Economic Numbers are Good: Lost in the hustle and bustle of our prior two positives and in Show Place of positives this week, US Economic numbers were good.  Consumer Confidence, Chicao PMI, ISM manufacturing, Unemployment dropping below 9%, just to name a few, were good. Many dismissed these economic positives, leaving us here to Zigg away!

Angela Gets Serious on EU Bonds: Angela Merkel, the German leader, and most important powerhouse of the EU begins to accept a possible coordinated effort for the EU. We cannot blame her for being cautious to co-sign for her Club Med little brother countries, but she appears to have scared them straight (a show having great impact on me at an early age too), making for another big positive this week.

Small Business Borrowing Up Again: Small business, the backbone of our economy, continue to accelerate their borrowings, leading to infer that confidence, expectations, and looser banking, is beginning to take hold. This makes for our last noted Zigg of the week, but there were many more!

There you have it, another Zigging week of positives while others Zagg. We thank you for following us and appreciate your feedback.

Have a Great Day and a Super Weekend!



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